Oh yeah I was at their accoustic performance they did at my job ✌️😁 #bombaybicycleclub #ziarecords #bbc

Bombay Bicycle Club was so rad! #bombaybicycleclub #bbc #clubcongress

Lorde was incredibly cathartic and now I’m just incredibly stoked to see and MEET Bombay Bicycle Club at my work tomorrow!


Son Lux Lorde
"Easy (Switch Screens)"
Alternate Worlds

this is black magic


[swallows lit cigarette] arctic monkeys

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White teeth and wounds that will not close

I may have not had the best seat, best view, or even be with my friends, but Lorde is by far the best concert I’ve ever gone to. I will forever remember this night.

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im glad i dont have a thigh gap i almost dropped my phone into the toilet but i caught it with thunder and lightning

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lets play a game called are u bad at texting back or do u hate me

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Shotaro Akiyama
From “Naked Portraits

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- L O R D E - (at Comerica Theatre)

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i wish i could say “?????????” in real life it would be very useful

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